1. Approximately when is the callout meeting?

A date to be announced in October (check the ZMS Blog and/or announcements) right after school in the LGI room.  Parent Meeting will be in the LGI room right after practice, approx. 5pm at a date to be announced.

2. When do practices begin?

 December 4, 2017.  Practices will be from 4:00-5:30pm with times and dates to be determined during winter break.

3. Who can participate?

 5, 6, 7, & 8th graders.

4. Where are practices and games held?

Wrestling room between gyms; meets are in the south gym at ZMS

5. How long are practices and what time do they promptly end?

Practice starts right after school and wrestlers are to be picked up at 5:30pm

6. How are teams made? Are there cuts? Criteria?

No cuts. Wrestlers participate in wrestle offs to determine the best wrestler for a weight class. Athletes must also be academically eligible -see handbook.

7. When does season end?

First weekend in March with the Conference Tournament

8. What does the athlete need to know about your sport?

There is a great winning tradition at ZMS in wrestling. Our expectations are that athletes always try to do their best.

9. What expenses/costs will the athlete be expected to incur?

Wrestlers will need to buy green tie (approx $8) they will wear on meet days with a white shirt and khaki pants. We will purchase the ties as team so they are all uniform. Also needed is an athletic lock ($7). It is a good idea to have wrestling shoes. If your child is new to the sport we have many gently used pairs they could borrow until they purchase their own. In addition, all wrestlers are required to pay the program support fee of $125. 

10. Do athletes eat before contests? How is this handled?

Not as a group.

11. Tell us anything else you want prospective athletes and parents to know in advance about your sport.

Wrestling is a great sport for developing skills for other sports like football. Because wrestling is demanding we encourage students to only do one sport at a time.

12. Contact info for head coach:

Michael Conner  ([email protected])

Assistant Coaches:  David Moudy & Saturnino Chavez