Interested in joining a club? Please contact the sponsor(s) for more info!

List of Clubs/Sponsors:

Knitting and Crochet – Ashley Murray & Melissa Weipert

Dungeons & Dragons – Tom Pendexter

Tri-M – Michele Boehm & Ashley Murray

5th/6th Girls Volleyball Club – Kelly Antcliff

Student Athletic Leaders – Jared Urban, Kelly Antcliff & Bailee Newton

National Junior Honor Society – Becca Hamburg & Caitlin Palmer

5th-8th Boys Volleyball Club – Kelly Antcliff

Chicken Club – Morgen Augenstein & Judy Enders

Wardle Club (competitive Wordle) – Rico Gonzalez

Zeek Squad – Kyle Beimfohr

5th/6th Ceramics Club – Sarah West

7th/8th Art Club – Jill Phipps

Run Club – Shelby Bullock

7th/8th Book Club – Kelsey Buckley

Girls on the Run – Emily Allen

Film Club – Emily Smith

Student Council – Hallie Monaghan

Creative Writing Club – Josie Gregg

ZMS Musical – Michele Boehm & Rebecca Osgood

ZMS News – Bekka Hamburg

Best Buddies – Gina Clayton & Maddie Masterson

ZIPCadet – Jeff King

Cadet Winter Guard – Jeff King

Books & Bites – Emily Wleklinski & Kim Lalley

Battle of Books – Kim Lalley & Kelsey Buckley

Pickleball Club – Gareth Somers

5th grade Boys Tennis Club – Gareth Somers

5th grade Girls Tennis Club – Gareth Somers

Swing Choir – Michele Boehm

Girls Developmental Golf- Paige Sobieray

Boys Developmental Golf- tbd

Aviation History Club- Brittany Moon

Campus Life-Adrianna Ferguson

Geography Club - Mrs. Oxley

GSA - Mrs. Hays & Mrs. Wleklinski