Girls Basketball

Here are answers to questions commonly asked about our interscholastic athletic teams at ZMS. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the coach listed below.

1. Approximately when is the callout meeting?
The callout meeting will be in the fall and will be posted on the announcements.

2. When do practices begin?
Tryouts will take place in late November. However, there will be open gyms starting a few weeks before tryouts. Attendance at open gyms is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

3. Who can participate?
7th and 8th grade girls can participate.

4. Where are practices and games held?
The majority of practices will be held at ZMS, with some possibly at ZWMS. Home games are held at ZMS. Away games are held at opposing schools. Refer to the website for directions to these schools.

5. How long are practices, and what time do they promptly end?
Practices are usually 2 hours. The athletes will receive a practice schedule at the beginning of the season listing the exact ending time of each practice.

6. How are teams made? Are there cuts? What are the main areas of criteria?
Tryouts last approximately 1 week.  The number of athletes will kept on a team will vary, but it is possible that cuts will be necessary. The main areas of criteria are effort, attitude and skill.

7. When does season end?
The season ends the last week of February.

8. What does the athlete need to know about your sport?
It is preferable if she has some background in basketball, but it is not a necessity. We understand that for some, this is their first experience in interscholastic competitions.

9. What expenses/costs will the athlete be expected to incur?
The athletes will need to have a pair of basketball shoes. (Prices vary.) They will also need to purchase a practice package containing a jersey and a pair of shorts. (The price of this package is TBA.) The girls may choose to purchase team t-shirts or sweat shirts if agreed upon by all team members.  In addition, all players are required to pay the program support fee of $125. 

10. Do athletes eat before contests? How is this handled?
If the game is away, the athletes will stay after school. Parent volunteers will bring in food and drinks. Parents usually organize a schedule of who will bring food and on what day. If the game is at home, the athletes will go home after school and be expected to return approximately 45 minutes prior to game time. No food will be provided at the school on these days.

11. Tell us anything else you want prospective athletes and parents to know in advance about your sport. Athletes MUST have a physical on file and the parent consent forms completed and turned in before practices begin. Being out of shape can lead to injuries, so conditioning before practice may be beneficial. Be ready to work hard, have fun, and learn about basketball. Our goal is to get the girls ready for competition at the high school level.

7th Grade Coach: Craig Kouns ([email protected])

8th Grade Coach: Jeremy Skura ([email protected])