1. Approximately when is the callout meeting?


2. When do practices begin?


3. Who can participate?

7th and 8th grade girls

4. Where are practices and games held?

Practices on our softball field, kick ball field, and in the gym. Home games are at ZMS while away games are at the indicated school. See game schedules on the website.


5. When does season end?

The season ends in mid-May

8. What does the athlete need to know about your sport?

Softball is very competitive, and is a team sport.

9. What expenses/costs will the athlete be expected to incur?
Players need to provide a mitt and cleats. They will also need to purchase a player’s package that includes shorts, mock turtleneck, socks, and a visor. (Approx. $45.00) Tshirts and sweatshirts are also available. The school does provide bats and batting helmets, but many players like to have their own bat.  All players are required to pay the program support fee of $125.

10. Do athletes eat before contests? How is this handled?

It is recommended to eat before games. Parents may choose to organize food.


Bailee Newton ([email protected])