Boys & Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse schedule information will be posted by early winter.  The season training typically starts in early February, and the season is played through the spring.  Check the website for more information/updates.  Here are a few other things you need to know

  • All middle school fees will be $195/player + a USL Membership ($25)
  • They will also have to pay the $50 athletic club fee to ZCS.
  • Registration will begin the first week of November and will once again be online
  • As always:  [email protected] with any questions or concerns.



The season call out meeting for 5-6 girls will be in January, typically at Zionsville West Middle School.  Make sure your son/daughter listens to the announcements at school and that you read the weekly update.  If you have not already done so, register with ZLAX at  There is no fee to become a member of the site and you will be included on all member email blasts.  You can also find important information on the site and additional contact information.

2. When do practices begin?
Typically, 7th/8th grade begins indoors in February and head outdoors in March.  The 5th/6th grade begins middle of March.
3. Who can participate?
Grades 5/6:  Any middle school boy or girl interested in learning lacrosse, having fun and making friends! There is a 5th/6th grade boys team and a 5th/6th grade girls team. 
Grades 7/8:  Any Zionsville Community School student (enrolled at ZMS or Zwest).  There is a 7th/8th grade boys team and a 7th/8th grade girls team. 
For both grade levels, ZMS and ZWest students are combined to form teams.  (We often have enough players to field 2 teams of 5th/6th grade boys and/or 2 teams of 7th/8th grade girls, etc. but in all cases, the teams are combined no matter which middle school you attend).
4.  Where are practices and games held?
Boys practices and home games are at Zionsville Middle School.
Girls practices and home games are at Zionsville West.
5. When does season end?  The season ends in mid-May.
6. at does the athlete need to know about lacrosse?
Lacrosse is “the fastest game on two feet!” We welcome new players who do not have experience and focus on learning the game while having fun. Girls’ lacrosse is different from boys’ lacrosse with separate rules and equipment. In 5th/6th grade checking is not
allowed, in 7th/8th grade checking is modified. (Girls don’t hit each other with their sticks!).
7.What expenses/costs will the athlete be expected to incur?
Boys and Girls 5th/6th grade is $180 through
Boys and Girls 7th/8th registration fee is $250 to and a $50 athletic club fee payable to ZCS can be turned in to the middle school that your child attends or paid online via SchoolPay.
All players require a US Lacrosse Membership which is currently $25 per year.
*A brief word about the 7/8 grade teams (both boys and girls).  These are transitional, learning years for these players and ALL communication with regard to grades and discipline will be done through coaches and Middle School administrators.  This information is not discussed with ZLAX Board Members, other ZLAX members or other parents.
8..  What equipment is required for both boys and girls?
Boys:You will need a helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, protective cup and a lacrosse stick.
Girls:You will need goggles, a mouth guard and a stick.
Contact your coach for assistance.


For up to date information and to register for Zionsville Middle School Lacrosse visit
Athletes will need an IHSAA physical form dated after 4/1/18 on file with the ZMS athletic office before the first practice The online signature forms will also need to be completed.


Girls Coach:  Ben Polk ([email protected])
Boys Coach:  Mitch Wyatt ([email protected])