Boys Basketball

7/8 Boys Basketball Callout Meeting will take place in October - check the Daily Announcements for date

Summer Open Gym schedule can be found here.  

1. Approximately when is the callout meeting?

Call-out meeting is usually in early October for 8th grade and and 7th grade.

2. When do practices begin?

Practices begin two days after the conclusion of the last fall sport. (Middle of October)

3. Who can participate?

Any middle school boy enrolled in grades 7 or 8 may try out.

4. Where are practices and games held?

Practices will be held starting in middle October and continuing through late January. Practice starting times vary from 3:00 – 6:30, Monday through Friday. Saturday practices do occur and are usually scheduled in the morning.

Games Middle School game times vary from 5:00 to 6:00 for weekday games. It is important to note that we do have a few Saturday tournaments, which can begin during morning hours. At the present time, all home games begin @ 5:30.

5. How long are practices and what time do they promptly end?

Basketball practices last approx. two (2) hours. All practices will end at the designated time. Please check your schedule for exact times and facility.

Note: The middle school basketball program can and will use a variety of facilities. These include: Zionsville Middle School, Pleasant View Lower Elementary, Pleasant View Upper Elementary and Stonegate Elementary.

6. How are teams made? Are there cuts? Criteria?

At the present time, ZMS carries two (2) teams per grade level. We utilize an A & B team system that allows us to maximize practice and playing time. Currently, we are operating under a “cut” policy. Players have the latitude to move between  A & B teams depending on ability, work ethic and need.

7. When does the season end?

Season ends in late January.

8. What does the athlete need to know about your sport?

Living in the state of Indiana, most young people know the heritage and importance we Hoosiers place on basketball. Our goal at the middle school level is to involve as many students as possible in our basketball program, while maintaining a roster that allows for athletic growth and skill improvement. We expect and demand that players work hard on the court and in the classroom. Your coaches will take your development as a player and a person very seriously and work with you to achieve your goals.

9. What expenses/costs will the athlete be expected to incur?

Currently, Zionsville Middle School funds all uniform and equipment needs for the basketball program. Parental costs could involve the following: basketball shoes, meal money or providing snacks for road games. Any other costs to parents will be discussed and approved through the athletic department. Some teams may choose to purchase their own shooters shirts.  In addition, all players are required to pay the program support fee of $125. 

10. Do athletes eat before contests? How is this handled?

Typically, the basketball program will develop a schedule of snacks for road games only. These snacks will be eaten prior to the game…usually on the bus in route to the opposing school.

11.  Contact - Head Coach Kris Jackson ([email protected])